New South Wales is full of family friend places and Stuart Park is definitely one of them.

There is a great playground for kids with very high sliders. Kids seem just to have so much fun there.

High slides in Stuart Park.

And what could better than a rapel? 2 staples. That’s it! Stuart Park offers 2 repels site by site so kids enjoy the ride beside their best friends.

Kids can also play with traditional, accessible and spider web swings, a see-saw and other spin rides…

Or why not practice their driving and pedestrian skills in the mini streets?

Next to the playground there is a restaurant and toilets that are usually usable. They are just too dark even during the day, but with a bit of effort to see you can choose an ok one to use.

There is also a beach and a lagoon. In despite of a sign advising against the swimming in the lagoon, parents and their kids seem to have lots of fun there and it seems a reasonably safe place in its shallow waters.